Website Design

Imagine your website not just as an online presence but as a dynamic sales engine tailored precisely to engage your customers and propel your business forward.

My process begins with a deep dive into understanding the essence of your business, your competitive landscape, and your unique preferences. I then bring to life a website meticulously designed to captivate your target audience, streamlined for ease of management and updates by you.

This isn't just about giving your website a facelift; it's about creating a bespoke solution engineered to drive sales and solve your specific challenges. Working together, we'll ensure your design is not just elegant but truly effective.

Average project cost: $4,000 - $10,000 • Hourly Rate: $120

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I build the websites that I design into WordPress, allowing my clients to update content easily. I ensure every detail is covered, including plugins, security, and hosting.

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I have years of experience ranking websites in search engines, including getting millions of views on some of my own sites. I build all my client's sites with SEO in mind and can advise you on future strategies.

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Content Strategy

I can tailor your website's content and visuals to ensure they resonate with your clients. They will be focused on clarity and impact, positioning the most crucial information front and center.

Frequently asked questions

Who is a good fit?

Most of my clients are service-based businesses (or their agency partners) that need a site describing their offerings. These sites build brand awareness, answer customer questions, and drive conversions toward a web form or other contact point.

I can build a website from concept to launch or blend into your agency or team to bridge skill or staffing gaps without needing the overhead of new personnel.

I only work on the design and front-end portions of e-commerce websites as they typically require more complex back-end systems.

What do you need for an estimate?

The more information I have, the more accurate my provided estimate will be; with less information, I will give a wider estimate range. Estimates are based on:

  • The number of unique templates or components
  • If there are any interactive components (such as a tabbed interface, calculator, etc)
  • The complexity of design requirements or provided designs

How long does a project take?

Projects vary in size, but a typical web project lasts from two weeks to one month. The most common thing delaying a project's launch is needing to complete the content, so I encourage my clients to plan ahead for any copywriting or photography that may be needed.

Where are you based, and do you subcontract?

I'm based in the US, specifically in Minnesota. As a premium service provider, I do not outsource or subcontract my work.

Do you take on small hourly work?

I only take on small projects to assist my existing clients who have worked on a larger project with me.

Interested in working together?

Reach out with the details of your project, and I'll get back to you.

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