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iPhone 6 Screen Size and Web Design Tips

A guide on building websites for iPhone 6. Details on the iPhone 6 screen size and how to design for the correct specs.

iPad Screen Size Guide & Web Design Tips

This guide will help you create responsive websites that adapt well to any iPad screen size or create web apps specifically targeted at the iPad.

How to Add Icons for iPhone, iPad & Android to Your Website

Add custom icons to your website for the iPhone, iPad, and Android for users that save it to their homescreen to look like an App.

How to Become a UX Designer

The ultimate resource on how to become a UX designer! This is the exact path I used to transition from being a web designer into UX design.

Title Tag SEO – How to Write Title Tags That Increase CTR

Did you know you could be losing tons of traffic by doing a poor job writing title tags? This guide will help improve your title tag SEO & increase traffic.

SEO PowerSuite Review – Tools to Grow Traffic

SEO PowerSuite is an impressive set of SEO tools for keywords, optimization, and backlinks. This SEO PowerSuite review covers how to win with these apps.

15 Tips for an Awesome UX Design Portfolio

Having an awesome UX design portfolio is a key step to building your career. Here are 15 tips to make your design portfolio shine!

Starting a WordPress Site & Getting Hosting Setup

A guide to getting your WordPress blog up and running by setting up web hosting and running a simple installation of Wordpress.

Finding Creative Blog Names – A Guide to Great Name Ideas

An easy to use list of tips to help you find creative blog names. Generate a list of great names, learn what to avoid, and get your business started!

Finding Your Niche – Discovering Great Online Business Ideas

Step by step guide to creating a list of business ideas & finding your niche by narrowing it down to the best idea for your online business.

Market Samurai Review – How to Increase Your Traffic

In this Market Samurai review I’m going to walk through the process of using the tool to research a portrait photography business.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve Your SEO

Bounce rates can affect your SEO, but a bounce isn’t always a bad thing. Here’s how to target the ‘bad’ bounces and improve your site.