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I’m a Minnesota-based freelancer with over twenty years of experience building web projects.
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Let me take the hassle out of web design so you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

With over 20 years of experience, I've seen firsthand the challenges businesses face with outdated designs, cumbersome management, security loopholes, and websites that fall short on conversions.

Let's transform your website into an asset, not a liability, boosting your visibility and impact online.

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People Driven Technologies


An IT service provider working in b2b.


For this project, the goal was to craft a simple yet impactful web presence for my client, a newly established IT services business eager to make their mark. Understanding their core objective of building strong, lasting relationships with their clientele, I concentrated on delivering a clean, user-friendly design that conveyed trust and professionalism.

The final product was a website that the client was thrilled with. It effectively embodied their vision of simplicity paired with a strong emphasis on relationship-building. The positive feedback from the client and their customers confirmed that the new website will provide a solid foundation for their digital engagement and growth strategies.

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Pate Bonding Inc.


A b2b client who provides bonds to the construction industry.


For this client with a history of over 30 years and a loyal customer base, the challenge was to rejuvenate their online presence with a fresh, modern redesign. They needed a website that not only reflected their longstanding tradition of excellence but also enhanced user experience, particularly in the way customers interacted with online forms.

Leveraging the flexibility of WordPress, I delivered a sleek, user-friendly website that empowered the client to effortlessly manage their forms. The redesigned site now supports a more intuitive form design, allowing for easy submission by users, and a straightforward backend process for the client to export these submissions into PDF or Excel formats. This customization ensures that the client can maintain their focus on outstanding service delivery, supported by a robust online platform that simplifies administrative tasks and enhances customer engagement.

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Innovative Mentoring Software


A SaaS company providing data management software to mentorship programs.


Our client's goal was to craft a website that could communicate their software's utility and efficiency but also appeal to the needs of non-profits. To achieve this, I focused on creating a website with a clean, inviting design, which clearly outlines the software's features, benefits, and the positive impact it could have on both mentors and mentees.

Central to the website's functionality was a custom pricing calculator, an essential tool that I developed to make the sales process smoother. This feature, along with the comprehensive presentation of the software's capabilities, proved instrumental in extending this client's reach. The website successfully attracted the attention of new, larger clients, notably including the renowned 'Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.' The client's ability to engage such significant organizations underscored the website's effectiveness in positioning their software as a critical tool for its clients.

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Club Up Golf


A golf content website.


In launching this passion-driven side business, I set out to create a haven for golfers seeking both improvement in their game and reliable product recommendations. The vision was clear: a website brimming with carefully curated golf articles, insightful advice, and practical tips aimed at elevating the golfing experience for both novices and seasoned players alike.

Meticulous attention was devoted to the design of the site, ensuring it not only housed valuable golfing charts and data but also showcased original photography to bring the essence of golf to life.

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The Tile Shop


A b2b and b2c tile retailer.


In collaboration with the team at The Tile Shop and developers from Emergent Software, we undertook an ambitious project to redesign their e-commerce website. Our goal was to infuse a contemporary aesthetic into the site, elevating the online shopping experience for customers seeking high-quality tile options.

Parallel to the e-commerce site's overhaul, we orchestrated the inception of a WordPress blog designed to bridge the gap between the brand and its community. This blog serves as a repository of inspiration, showcasing the versatility and beauty of their tiles through inventive interior design applications. By highlighting various ways tiles can enhance spaces, the blog aims to spark creativity among designers, customers, and bloggers alike, fostering increased sales and fostering meaningful connections.

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My Dog's Name


A dog name search tool.


After adopting a new puppy I noticed the name sites weren't helpful in finding a suitable name. Most were long, dull A-Z lists. I designed and developed a tool to search for names by styles like elegant or tough and themes like sports or movies.

Clearly this was a common problem, as the site has reached up to 1 million views per month. The traffic has given me a chance to do some user testing and monetize the site.

As the site grew, I also designed a tool to compare dog breeds by selected traits.

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