Work Management SaaS

Android Widget

One of my first projects at Workfront (then called AtTask) was to design an Android widget for logging time into the mobile app. I created mockups, tested them and redesigned some areas of the app, working with the remote Android team in Armenia.

workfront-widget workfront-widget

Document Approvals Wireframes

Using the UX Team’s pattern library, I created wireframes and a prototype for improving document approvals. We tested with internal employees, and then conducted remote tests with our users.


Document Management System

I worked with a product manager to add folder sharing into our document management system.


Chart Design

During part of my time at Workfront I led UX in the reporting area of the tool. I worked to improve the existing charts and reports to help users better understand their data. Simplifying this chart included removing unnecessary colors, drop-shadows, text bolding, applying smarter sorting, and reducing the background color.


Report Delivery Workflow

To optimize speed of report delivery we worked on a system of caching large reports. This was a complicated project that required working across all areas of the company including UX, product, development, and architecture.

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