UX Portfolio

I’ve done a wide variety of work throughout my career including web & mobile app design, user testing, website design, front-end development, SEO and branding. My primary area of concentration is designing user-focused web applications.

Technical Skills

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Designing
  • Sketch / Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Omnigraffle
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
UX Case Studies

Workfront (formerly AtTask)


Managing projects within a team – including requests, assignments, time, availability, documents, and more.


Workfront is a SaaS work management tool that is used by companies like Cisco, Redbull, AMC, and ESPN. I worked as a UX designer, embedded into Agile teams, focused on various areas of the tool.

I designed an Android widget for logging time into the tool. I created mockups and user tested them, while working with the remote Android team in Armenia.

I worked with project managers to create requirements, wireframes, and protypes. We conducted user testing both remotely and in-person. We also travelled to interview our customers and understand the context in which our software was being used and uncover new problems we could solve.

I led design on two large projects: one to optimize report delivery and another to integrate an if-this-then-that workflow builder. These projects required communication with teams across the company and iterative protyping and user testing.

workfront android widget
workfront widget workflow
workfront wireframes
workfront prototype
workfront desktop screen

Chief Manufacturing


Helping professionals find and order tv & projector mounts for complex AV installations.


I’ve planned & designed multiple versions of Chief’s website as well as their parent company Milestone (which the site was eventually merged into).

As the lead designer at Chief, I worked with many departments including IT, sales, customer service, engineering, product and the executive team to plan changes to the website.

I also met with customers to do user-testing and worked with outside firms to conduct customer experience research & design thinking exercises.

chief laptop
chief design evolution
chief research
chief personas
chief sketching
chief tablet



Managing and reporting on workplace surveys to gain insights that can help improve corporate environments.


Our team at Emergent built a front-end survey and back-end tool for creating new surveys & analyzing the data.

I designed and tested form controls to ensure ease of use and speed for users taking time out of their workday to answer a survey.

Highcharts JS library was integrated and customized to help visualize data. Advanced filtering options were designed to take a deeper-dive.

steelcase software
steelcase survey

My Dog’s Name


After adopting a new puppy I noticed the name sites weren’t helpful in finding a suitable name. Most were long, dull A-Z lists.


I designed & developed a tool to search for names by styles like elegant or tough & themes like sports or movies.

Clearly this was a common problem, as the site has reached up to 1 million views per month. The traffic has given me a chance to do some user testing & monetize the site.

As the site grew, I also designed a tool to compare dog breeds by selected traits.

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my dogs name on laptop
my dogs name sketches
my dogs name marketing
my dogs name breed compare



Finding an easy way to track personal goals. Existing tools aren’t great for tracking goals & are often centered on projects or tasks.


I designed & developed GoalChamp to track goals on a timeline. Goals include the ability to set a primary task to encourage focusing on the next step. I also added tracking features such as a date countdown and a progress meter.

GoalChamp was something I wanted to build for a long time. To scratch that itch I taught myself how to develop a login system and run database queries.

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goalchamp phone
goalchamp wireframes
goalchamp editing
goalchamp logo
goalchamp desktop

Projecta Screen Selector


Determining the ideal projector screen for rooms with varying conditions.


The Projecta Screen Selector walks the user through a set of projector and room selections to determine the ideal projector screen based on room size & brightness, and projector distance and model.

There was an existing tool that was outdated and built in Flash. I worked with product experts to outline how the new tool should function and gathered the data requirements.

I created multiple iterations of wireframes before deciding on final functionality with the client. The final tool returns a list of suggested screens and allows filtering and comparing.

projecta desktop
projecta architecture
projecta wireframes
projecta tablet

Burger Artist


Burger Artist is a fun side-project to create a recipe website focused on gourmet burgers.


I designed Burger Artist to be as helpful and mouthwatering as possible. The site focuses on teaching people how to make the best burgers possible & coming up with some creative recipes to share.

I did all the design, coding, writing, and photography for the site. Food photography was new to me, so it was a fun challenge to learn the techniques to taking photos that looked good enough to eat. I took all the photos with a simple Nikon pocket camera & tripod.

To promote the site, I created Pinterest & Instagram accounts and even designed a t-shirt. It’s been a fun hobby site and I’ve gotten some great feedback from users.

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burger artist on tablet
burger artist subscribe sketch
burger artist pinterest
burger artist recipe page
burger artist photography