Hi. I’m Kyle Larson, a UX designer from Minneapolis.

I design user interfaces and interactive experiences that solve problems and look great.

ux design

I love digging into whatever sources of data I can find to boost results - including user testing, analytics, A/B testing, or using GPS to track my golf game.


I find that great design typically follows the workflow of understanding the problem / user, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, testing, and refining.

UX Articles
iphone 6 screen size

iPhone 6 Screen Size and Web Design Tips

A guide on building websites for iPhone 6. Details on the iPhone 6 screen size and how to design for the correct specs.

smashing magazine article

Creating a Website Data Report on Smashing Magazine

I recently wrote an article for Smashing Magazine titled “Creating A Website Data Report: Three Degrees Of Separation”.

flat design

Avoiding Design Failures: Skeuomorphism and Flat Design

There are good and bad implementations of both skeuomorphism and flat design. This article covers how you can avoid failing while using any design style.

Code Articles
ios 7 icons

How to Add Icons for iPhone, iPad & Android to Your Website

Add custom icons to your website for the iPhone, iPad, and Android for users that save it to their homescreen to look like an App.

wordpress database thumbnail

How to Create a WordPress Database Table

My latest site My Dog’s Name lets users search a database of dog names. Here’s how I added a custom table to my WordPress database and pulled the data out of it.

reducing bounce rates

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Improve Your SEO

Bounce rates can affect your SEO, but a bounce isn’t always a bad thing. Here’s how to target the ‘bad’ bounces and improve your site.