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Building an Online Business

You’ve got your idea and you’re ready to go! Here’s how to get a site up and running and some tools to use along the way.

Getting Started

Finding Your Niche – Discovering Great Online Business Ideas

Step by step guide to creating a list of business ideas & finding your niche by narrowing it down to the best idea for your online business.

Finding Creative Blog Names – A Guide to Great Name Ideas

An easy to use list of tips to help you find creative blog names. Generate a list of great names, learn what to avoid, and get your business started!

Starting a WordPress Site & Getting Hosting Setup

A guide to getting your WordPress blog up and running by setting up web hosting and running a simple installation of WordPress.

URL Structure Tips

Carefully considering the location of your pages can greatly help users by making links semantic and easy to remember.


The Best WordPress Plugins I’ve Found

Here’s a list of the best WordPress plugins that I’ve found and continue to use on all the sites I build.

How to Create a WordPress Database Table

My latest site My Dog’s Name lets users search a database of dog names. Here’s how I added a custom table to my WordPress database and pulled the data out of it.


How to Setup Your Site for the iPhone

Learn some settings you can add to your website to target the iPhone.

How to Add Icons for iPhone, iPad & Android to Your Website

Add custom icons to your website for the iPhone, iPad, and Android for users that save it to their homescreen to look like an App.

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