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How to Add Icons for iPhone, iPad & Android to Your Website

Add custom icons to your website for the iPhone, iPad, and Android for users that save it to their homescreen to look like an App.

Creating Retina Images for Your Website

This guide will help you get started making your websites and web apps look amazingly sharp on Apple’s newest devices with retina images!

Animated Search Box with HTML5 Placeholder

Let users know what they can enter in your search by creating an animated search box using an HTML5 placeholder.

Fixed Elements and Scrolling Divs in iOS 5

How to create fixed and scrolling divs in iOS5 to make your iPhone or iPad site look like an App.

How to Create CSS3 Pie Charts

Learn to use the latest features of CSS3 to create pie charts purely from code.

How to Setup Your Site for the iPhone

Learn some settings you can add to your website to target the iPhone.

Building a Dock with CSS Animation

Create a mac os style dock for your website by just using some images and css.

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