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SEO PowerSuite has become my go-to SEO tool for optimizing all of my sites. I did a lot of research to figure out what tool would fit my needs. This SEO PowerSuite review covers why it was the best choice for me.

SEO PowerSuite is an impressive set of SEO applications that do a variety of different SEO tasks. These applications can be purchased individually or discounted as a full suite. The suite of apps covers finding & ranking keywords, fixing site issues, optimizing pages, link research, and building backlinks.

The Competition

I previously used both Moz and Market Samurai as my primary tools to do SEO research and have completely switched over to using SEO PowerSuite. Moz has the cleanest, friendliest interface but as a small business owner I’m trying to be price conscious. I think it’s too expensive for what you get.

SEO PowerSuite has tons of powerful features and really feels like a tool for a power user. Market Samurai is great for picking keywords, but now that it no longer tracks rankings I think SEO PowerSuite is a better value (not to mention all the extra features).

SEO PowerSuite Review – The Range of Tools

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With all the tools included, this SEO PowerSuite review could end up being really long, so I’m going to try and briefly cover what each application does. If you’ve done a lot of SEO work you’ll be pretty comfortable with all this stuff. If you’re just getting started I’d recommend trying out the WebSite Auditor and then the Rank Tracker for keyword research. The suite also includes a helpful manual and a number of training videos to really dive into each tool.

WebSite Auditor

The WebSite Auditor checks your site for potential SEO issues. There are a number of other services that do this, but it’s a nice addition to SEO PowerSuite. The way they have it laid out, with a quick list of all the possible issues for your site that you can jump into for more details, is super helpful. You can start off fixing the basics like code issues, broken links, duplicate tags, and missing tags. Then you can dive into individual pages and see how they’re performing, optimize tags, and fix code & content issues.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is where I have spent the most of my time in SEO PowerSuite. It lets you do keyword research and tracking. You can use it to simply look up a bunch of keywords you manually enter, or you can enter some base keywords and have it suggest related keywords. This tool is especially great because these suggestions can come from a ton of different sources including Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google’s autocomplete, Bing, Yahoo, your current Google Analytics traffic, SEMRush and more. To run all these searches you’ll just need to connect your free Google Adwords & Google Analytics accounts.

seo powersuite rank tracker

Once you’ve checked a list of keywords, Rank Tracker will provide the # of monthly searches, competition (low/med/high), KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index), and expected monthly visitors. The KEI is a formula used to compare keywords by searches & competitiveness to rank them based on potential. You can also check pay-per-click values to get an idea of advertising costs or how much you can make when running AdSense against that content.

When you’ve selected your target keywords you can track your site’s ranking in google, yahoo, bing (and even across various regions). It’ll also show your ranking progress across time as you continue to check these ranks. You can also get a closer look at the keyword difficulty to see who is currently ranking and how strong their competing page is.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is all about researching backlinks. It lets you search your own site to find out who is linking to you. It also identifies any potential spam links that could be hurting your rankings. You can get an overview of what types of links you have coming in and their value.

seo powersuite seo spyglass

You can also do competitive backlink research. This lets you see how your site compares to competitors. One really helpful feature is searching your competitors’ backlinks and seeing who is linking to them but not to you (even sorting by sites that are linking to multiple competitors but not you). This really helps you find great opportunities for building new backlinks. I’ve seen my backlinks and Google rankings jump from using this feature.


seo powersuite link assistant

LinkAssistant is all about helping you build more backlinks. It lets you search your keywords for a variety of possible backlink opportunities including mentions, directories, reviews, guest blogging, press releases and broken links. This makes it easy to build up a list of sources for your outreach.

SEO PowerSuite Pricing

Ok, onto the final part of the SEO PowerSuite review, what does it cost?!? One really nice thing about SEO PowerSuite is that it’s a one-time purchase. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you can buy the software once and continue to use it. If you’re not constantly doing lots of SEO research, you don’t feel like your wasting your money away on a monthly plan. It’s a little bit of a learning curve to get going and figure out what each piece of software does, but I assume keeping the tools separate prevents the interfaces from becoming overly complicated. They also have a helpful guide and a number of videos to get you started.

You can start off with the free version if you want to see the results you get. The free version just won’t let you save your projects so you’ll have to re-enter them every time you quit an application. I gave the Rank Tracker tool and the SEO SpyGlass both a try. That was enough for me to decide to dive in a buy the package.

In addition to the free version, there are Professional & Enterprise versions. The Pro version had all I needed, but you’ll want the enterprise version if you’re working with clients and need to export data & provide them with reports. It’s pretty easy to charge your clients a fee that makes the extra cost totally justifiable.

I payed $299 for my Professional edition. It’s already payed for itself in time savings and assistance in getting my sites to rank well. I’d have eaten up that money in only 3 months with Moz and still be paying after that.

SEO PowerSuite Review Conclusion

Overall, my review for the software is that it’s really great and makes sense that they’ve got over 500,000 users. If you’re willing to commit a little bit of time to learning the interface, these tools will take you and your sites a long ways. The pricing is killer. The desktop application vs cloud application doesn’t bother me, but can be a downside if you need to jump between multiple computers. The stability so far has been great. Depending on how complex the data your pulling in is, it can take a bit to load, but nothing more than expected. One or two times I’ve had my search seem to just stop. Then I hit the ‘stop’ button and re-ran the search, and it worked fine. But thats a couple out of many searches, otherwise I haven’t had any issues.

I’d recommend giving the suite a try and letting it help you optimize your sites and your SEO workflow. You can go here to try out the free edition of SEO PowerSuite.

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    Hello Kyle, i was looking for a one time purchase option for my client. He needed a SEO Software for his small biz website. I am glad to find your review. Its simple and well written unlike other lengthy reviews i come across. Right to the point. Thank you very much.


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