Creating a Website Data Report on Smashing Magazine

I recently wrote an article for Smashing Magazine titled “Creating A Website Data Report: Three Degrees Of Separation”. It covers how you can take research from three sources: personal (qualitative research), community (quantitative research) and network (website analytics) and combine them into a single powerful report.

I created this report at my previous company to help guide the next redesign of our website, but found that it was also a great reference to use at any point in time and I was able to quickly refer to key discoveries during meetings by just pulling up the report. The biggest benefit is that your gathering data from different points of view so you can discover trends and hopefully eliminate bias.

If you’ve got a website you’re doing quite a bit of work on I’d recommend giving it a shot or if you’re doing freelance you could sell the idea to your client. Check out the full article on Smashing Magazine.

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