Recommended Tools & Resources

Here’s a list of books and tools that I’ve found helpful. I’ve used all these things in building my side projects and my career and hopefully you’ll find some of them useful!

Starting a Business

Business Books

Web Hosting

Web & UX Design

UX Design Books

  • mapping experiences

    Mapping Experiences

    A guide to different methods for sorting and understanding user experiences. Full of great examples and when to use each method.

  • design of everyday things

    The Design of Everday Things

    A UX classic. How to get into the mindset of approaching design from the perspective of usability.

  • dont make me think

    Don’t Make Me Think

    Another UX classic that focuses on designing web interfaces for usability and removing unnecessary complexity.

  • sprint


    A great book outlining how to run design sprints. This process helps you quickly figure out what to build and test different ideas.

UX Courses

  • David Travis UX Course

    The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX

    This is the Udemy course that I used to start my UX journey. It’s really great quality and easy to follow along. Totally worth the cost to get a quick start in learning UX.

Design Tools

  • photoshop


    My original design tool. Great for designing just about anything. Only complaints being type and shapes aren’t as good as other tools.

  • sketch


    Awesome newer tool for designing websites. Great for desigining clean-looking sites. You’ll still need another tool for photo/pixel editing.

  • balsamiq


    Wonderfully simple wireframing tool that is cheap, but powerful. This is a great place to start working and useful for client conversations.