My Dog’s Name

My Dog's Name started after we adopted a new puppy and went out on the web to find him a name. The sites we found worked ok, but they weren't great. Most of them were just A-Z lists that needed to be combed through so I wanted to created a searchable database and a better experience.

What I did:  User Testing, UX Design, Visual Design, Icon Design, Responsive Design, Front-end Development, Back-end Development

my dogs name home

To get started we brainstormed what categories our names should fit into and then came up with some sketches for the design and logo. The main function of the site is the ability to search dog names so I focused on building that first. Once it was partially working I tested with some users and kept improving the functionality.

my dogs name results page

I created the site in WordPress and used a custom database which it queries to build a results page based on the categories the user selected. From the results page the user can check the names that they like to store them in their favorites. This was done using HTML5 local storage so I didn’t have to build a whole login system but could still offer this useful functionality.


The next step for the tool was building a breed finder to help prospective dog owners select a breed. I diagrammed the tool on my whiteboard to get started.


The breed selector lets the user search based on a number of factors and then provides a list of matching breeds.


The breeds can then be compared to see differences in size, behavior, care required, and preferred environment.

my dogs name responsive design

My Dog’s Name was built responsively so it adapts to any size screen. I also used google adsense’s responsive ad option to resize the promo area as well.

my dogs name animation

To add some fun to the site I set up the CSS so the entire site can change color depending on if you’re searching for a girl or a boy dog name.

I also used the same template to create a site for cat names called Find Cat Names.

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