GoalChamp is a web app that I created to plan and track personal goals. It's a free to use goal tracker, so check it out!

What I did:  UX Design, Visual Design, Logo Design, Responsive Design, Front-end Development, PHP, MySQL

GoalChamp Wireframes

GoalChamp started as a problem that I had… not having a good place to track my goals. I started by figuring out how I could solve that problem and then interviewed others to see how they tracked their goals. Then I paired those ideas down to something I could release as the minimum viable product (MVP). I took those ideas started some sketches and then wireframed a possible experience in Balsamiq.

goalchamp logos

I also designed a few logo variations for the site.

GoalChamp App

Then I designed and coded the interface for the app. I ended up deciding to go with a card-based interface to add some additional tracking features into the app and also allow sorting of the cards.

GoalChamp Mobile

GoalChamp is a responsive site that works great on phones, tablets, and desktops. Once you’ve got some goals setup, there is a quick edit option to let you make updates to your progress.

GoalChamp Home

Finally, I designed a homepage to show off the product’s features and get people to sign up.

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