What I’m Up to Now

How I Got Here


In my previous job, I improved user experience and added new features to Workfront, a cloud-based solution that helps large brands like Cisco Systems, Red Bull, Sony, Nike, and ESPN manage their work.

Retina Displays Book

Website Optimization for Retina Displays

In 2013 I had a book published called Website Optimization for Retina Displays. It explains the basics of creating web graphics that look great on high-density (Retina) screens such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Freelance / TC Websites

I founded TC Websites LLC to build small business websites, and also have done many freelance projects. My work included launching sites for new businesses as well as helping larger companies like Popeye’s Chicken & Old El Paso improve their existing sites.

Chief Website


Milestone manufactures TV & projector mounts and projector screens. I designed and maintained a variety of different sites for them and their partners including Best Buy, Dell, and Sony. I improved their sites through user research and increased unique visitors by 62% through marketing and SEO efforts.

Early Career

After high school, I worked as a User Experience Design Intern for Techies.com. This gave me a lot of great experience learning from web professionals at a large start-up. My next job was designing websites for various departments within the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts. Working at the University was my first exposure to designing with web standards and helped me enhance my HTML and CSS skills.

Kyle Boundary Waters

Getting Started

My enthusiasm for computers started with an Apple IIe my grandfather purchased for me. When I got my next computer (a Mac II) I began using the computer as a design tool to create posters, fliers, and artwork. This creativity transitioned online in middle school when I purchased my first modem and started using BBS services. In 1997, at age 16, I designed my first website using Netscape Composer.

My Work
ux designI love digging into whatever sources of data I can find to boost results – including user testing, analytics, A/B testing, or using GPS to track my golf game.
wireframingI find that great design typically follows the workflow of understanding the problem / user, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, testing, and refining.